In my profession my colleagues know me as J.J. I am a nurse and I work in the Addictive Behaviour Unit in Elda (Alicante – Spain).

I am the father of two girls and I have been working with adolescents and their families for almost 15 years.

I see EVERY day disoriented parents who come alone or with their children to ask for help.

My unit is a multidisciplinary one and we provide several services: Doctor, Psychologist, Social Work, Nursing Assistant, Administrative and of course Nursing. The efforts of the whole team are rewarded with encouraging results, not only with teenagers and their families, but also with adults.

All the adolescents who come for the first time come obliged, ready not to listenand with the firm intention of not returning. It is the practitioner’s job to get them to return for appointments with any member of the team.